Ainsley Harriot about to decapitate Jamie Oliver

Ainsley Harriot

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Here’s another nomination from Rob Down Under. What the fuck do Aussies know about TV cookery cunts? Well, Rob used to come from London.

Cunt: Ainsley Harriot

Title: Ready Steady Cunto

Nominated by: Rob from Australia

In Cunto Deck?: Not Yet

Ainsley Harriot is a cunto

Rob says:

“Shit food, his annoying-as-fuck arse-licking to the Z-list Cunto chefs he has cooking on the show. And if for anything for can’t cook, won’t cook. Not to mention his range of shitty soups and couscous dishes which taste like cardboard. His patronising demeanour, and his bad jokes. Cunt.”

Our Own Research

Rob seems pretty angry about Ainsley Harriot although to be honest I’ve always kinda liked the grinning couscous-peddling chef cunt. Never had him down as anything particularly cunty.

In fact: even Googling “Ainsley Harriot is a Cunt” doesn’t bring up much pro-Cunto evidence.

In fact, the first couple of items I’ve found are a strange Satanic mashup on youtube (excellent)…


…and a picture of the time Ainsley Harriot oiled up Jamie Oliver before cutting his head off in the desert.

Ainsley Harriot about to decapitate Jamie Oliver
A cook’s touch

What’s not to love about that?

All I can pick up from a brief internet tour is that some people find Ainsley Harriot slightly annoying. Me, I’m not so sure but I’ll leave it to you to judge. Rank Harriot using the stars and be sure to leave a comment below if I’ve missed something obvious…

The prosecution:

  • Ainsley Harriot is annoying.

The defence:

  • Ainsley Harriot is fairly cool.

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You can also see how he’s fits into the overall hierarchy of Cunto on the rank page.

Rating: 2.6/5. From 11 votes.
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