Corden More Cunty Than Corbyn, Easy

It’s been a while but we’re going to start doing Cunt of The Week posts again. This week has presented some fairly obvious choices but in a week of historical cunting, it’s James Corden who once again floats to the top of the Cunt Milkshake

James Corden, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.
What a pile of cunts

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  1. I don’t really get it why Corden floats to the top of the cunty list. There are SO MANY other contenders out there, like every single Tory MP who is delivering the worst relative health outcomes for people in Britain… ever. Or Weinstein or Trump or Putin or Rouhani or Bashar al-Assad (or his odious wife, Asma al-Assad, if we limit ourselves to Brits). And, of course, Boris is definitely the cuntiest cunt out there all on his own.

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  2. A fat cunt. Yeah he is quite amusing I suppose but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to cunt him off. Fat wanker cock sucking cunt.

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