Top 3 Cunts of the week: Corden, Walliams, Rhys-Davies

Cunts of The Week

Here’s this week’s Top 3.

The all time Cunt Champion James Fucking Corden leads the way for his continuing services to cuntery and ham and buns.

What a shower of shite

David Walliams, also a tremendously unfunny cunt has realised that his future may not lie in comedy and has proposed himself to be President of Britain on the back of the Ukraine Story. Cunt move, Dave.

And lastly, John Rhys-Jones was most famous for being a dwarf but after a shouty appearance on last night’s Question Time, he is now famous for being a rude, angry, wanker of a dwarf and, indeed a Cunto.


  1. It must be Vine. His tremolo cunty warbling has even the thickest cunt builder of a certain age switching to Heart. His producers feed the excitable cunt stories from the Express and Mail whilst he winds up the cunts who are actually so head-cunted that they have called the programme. Plus the cunt sounds like he is having a really drawn out wank over his mixing desk at times, and you can almost see him as he shakes like a shitting dog chucking his pearls in the faders as Deidre from Hull tells him about her husband’s ball cancer.

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  2. Has to be that grey bearded old cunt Corbyn. The man must know he is the most useless example of a politician since Michael Foot donned his tramp overcoat and bimbled around looking like a homeless cunt. He even makes that grinning Welsh cunt (can’t even remember his name) that fell over on the beach with his Cunty wife look like look like a statesman.

    He reminds me of Catweazle’s useless older brother who did a deal with the Normans and then found himself locked up in a dungeon because even those cunts couldn’t stand his dithering and pontificating.

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  3. Jb, can’t understand why you couldn’t remember his name: Neil Cuntock of course. How could anyone forget! Remember him getting the whole assembly at the Labour party conference to sing that song? Twat, oh no sorry: Cunt.

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