Richard Branson

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Title: Cunto of Free Enterprise

Nominated by: Lairy Ben

In a deck of Cunto Cards?: Yes

I will own the NHS, all the railways, and your children

The Charges:

Thanks to Lairy Ben who nominated Branson a wee while ago. We’re catching up with nominations now and will be adding lots of Cuntos to the rankings in the next while as we move towards getting a second edition of the cards into print.

Anyway, here’s what Ben said about Branson:

“Once respected and admired for his entrepreneurial capabilities, poor Rich has descended into abject cuntery.

Now spends all his time criticising British voters for choosing to leave the EU from his luxury villa in the British Virgin Islands (another cunty brand tie-in).

This despite paying no UK tax and not even living here. What a sanctimonious cunt.

He also has a face like a saggy cunt.

Lairy Ben, UK

Here at Cunto we would add that Branson will not rest until he owns absolutely everything, making him a psychopathic billionaire Cunto along with the likes of Bezos, Gates, etc.

Perhaps you think the bearded cuddly capitalist is misrepresented and is actually a valid human being?

Perhaps you can only picture him salivating at the thought of another human corpse on the bonfire that must burn and burn to create the master’s wealth.

So go ahead and vote for Richard Branson using the stars. 5 stars = big cunto, 1 star = no cunto.

Rating: 4.5/5. From 42 votes.
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  1. Completely right he is a prize cunt. His latest escapade is to launch a cruise line business at the height of the coronavirus outbreak and with a competitor having over 600 cases on a ship of 4000 passengers – looks like it is the ideal breeding and incubation conditions to me. Branson comes out and says it’s all fine. What a CUNT.

    Pay your taxes you fucking aged hippy

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