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Katie Price

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Cunt: Katie Price, aka “Jordan”

Title: Whore Cunt

Nominated by: Tracey from Aldershot

In Cunto Deck?: Not yet.

Cunty Price
One of the biggest countries in the Middle East

Tracey says:

“Shit mother, attention whore, crap wife, fish faced, over inflated, bandy legged, skint cunt.”


Our Own Research

Tracey isn’t holding back, accusing Ms Price of being fish-faced AND a whore.

Now we kinda know who she is here at HQ but we’ve never paid that much attention to her life. So now: some basic research from the internet. Who is this cunt?

The prosecution:


Let’s take each of Tracey’s claims and investigate them, one by one:

  • First of all, Tracey says Katie Price is a shit mother. Our first Google search quickly revealed that Price allows her children to burn in the son while she dresses up other ones in cheap fashion which she instagrams to death, for cash. That’ll do for us. Bad mother: 5/10.
  • Attention whore? Yeah – I’ve spent my whole adult life hearing about this woman without really ever knowing why so that probably means attention whore. Fair enough. Attention Whore: 10/10.
  • Crap wife? That’s a difficult one. I mean what makes a brilliant wife? IS there a brilliant wife anywhere? As for the evidence, according to this Sun article, her house is a mess. And she doesn’t look like she knows the difference between a microwave and a kettle. And she’s been divorced three times before the age of 40. It may be that all the husbands were dicks but it may just be that she’s the Cunt…? Crap wife: 6/10
  • Fish-faced? Aye. Went to a lot of silicone botox parties in the 90s and 00s. A proper fucking mess. Fish-faced: 8/10.
  • Bandy legged? Can’t find anything about that. Bandy legged: 0/10
  • Skint cunt? Yeah – Price filed for bankruptcy last year after hitting debts of a quarter of a million pounds. Oops. Skint cunt: 8/10


The defence:

  • You always hear that Jordan is a “great businesswoman”. This doesn’t really go with the bankruptcy fact, now does it?
  • Can’t think of anything else. If you want to stick up for Jordan, then make your case in the comments below…


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Rating: 4.3/5. From 19 votes.
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  1. Know for a fact she has her pr company ask for free designer clothes from small firms that they say will be worn in photo shoots for free publicity, but she just fucks off with the stuff leaving the makers quite out of pocket.

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  2. The only think she lacks in cuntishness is the fact she isn’t Bono. She’s like an, err… deputy cunt?

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