Alan Carr, The Pure State of Him

This meme isn’t even funny, because he would. He actually fucking would.

Alan Carr Gigantic Bellend
Seriously. What a cunt.

Alan Carr is so dedicated to himself, the sound of his own voice and the wider dissemination of his own image that he actually would volunteer to be Cunt of The Day, if it gained him just one like on Twitter or forced his abhorrent mug appear in the consciousnesses of anyone at all.

Damn you Alan Carr, for you have made us play your game.

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  1. I agree this cunt of cunts has no talent what so ever,he just fits right in to what the networks think that people want,a faggot of talentless gobshite,who would ever admit to finding this pathetic unfunny shite remotely funny in any way!

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