Ben Stokes, cunt

Ben Stokes

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A super-brief Cunto nomination has appeared in the Cunto inbox, courtesy of David from Cardiff. Is he worth a cunting? Vote now.

Cunt: Ben Stokes

Title: Guilty Cunt

Nominated by: David Jones from Cardiff

In a deck of Cunto Cards?: Not Yet

Ben Stokes, cunt
Crickety Cunt Ben Stokes

David says:

“Didn’t deserve to get off”

Our Own Research

David’s charge sheet is brief but our own remembering of the Stokes case was a little confusing. First he’s supposed to be beating up the gay blokes but then he was supposedly sticking up for them and punching some other cunt. This, admittedly is gleaned from half-interested listening to radio reports. I have no idea what happened in court. I do remember than he knocked a man out with ap unch. That’s either cunty or cuntastic, depending where you stand on masculinity and street-violence.

A quick review of the case (achieved by typing “Ben Stokes Is A Cunt” into Google reveals that pretty much everyone thinks he’s a nasty cunt, a fighty ginger troublemaker.

It all seems a bit average and low-rent cuntery to us, especially when compared against cunts like Bono and cunts like Jamie Oliver

If you really care: the footage of Stokes’s fight is online:


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Rating: 3.8/5. From 18 votes.
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