Diego Maradono, smoking a large cigar on a boat

Diego Maradona

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We have received the first Cunto nomination for any Argentinean.

Cunt: Diego Maradona

Title: FIFA Marching Powder Cunt

Nominated by: Allan from Edinburgh

In Cunto Deck?: Not Yet

Allan says:

“He’s a cunt”

Diego Maradono, smoking a large cigar on a boat
Diego Maradono, smoking a large cigar on a boat

Our Own Research

This nomination is the bluntest one we have received yet and reveals little of the nominator’s mind. Usually Diego Maradona is a hero in Scotland so it’s interesting that the nomination comes from Allan in Edinburgh, which happens to be the hometown of the Cunto.org project. Perhaps Allan is a student from down south? Who knows? We have plenty of them here in the city.

Anyway, with our usual collection of half-baked memories and five minutes on Wikipedia, here’s the charge sheet we came up with for Maradona:

Maradona cheating cunt

The prosecution:

  • Claimed his first goal against England in 1986 was caused by ‘The Hand of God‘. Cheating cunt.
  • Took pot shots at the press with his air rifle. (understandable).
  • Sent home from USA ’94 after failing doping. Although this was ephedrine rather than the cocaine that everyone seems to remember.
  • Was a coke-head for years.
  • Best pals with murdering-dictator (or liberator-of-the-people, depending on your point of view) Fidel Castro.
  • Became so fat he had to have gastric bypass surgery in 2005
  • Apparently owes the Italian tax man 37 million EurosThe Defence:
  • Really fucking good at football
  • Bit of a lad

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Rating: 4.1/5. From 12 votes.
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