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Jeremy Kyle

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Title: Exploitative Cunt

Nominated by: Geoffrey Rotherham Plastics

In a deck of Cunto Cards?: Not Yet

Jeremy Kyle
Jeremy Kyle

The Charges:

Thanks to Geoffrey Rotherham Plastics for a detailed submission. It always helps with a nomination. Here’s what he says:

“Chat show host Jeremy Kyle has gotten rich off exploiting the poor.

“He yells “get a job” at the people who are on and who watch his shit show but if they all got jobs he would be out of a job as no cunt would be watching his show during the day.

“He is a stooge of the Tories and backs slashing the benefits of the poor and the disabled under the pretence of getting people to work.

“He attacks the very people he depends on for his career and his wealth.

“He whines when people say horrible things to him but he deserves all he gets.

“The complete cunt can drop off as far as I and many others are concerned. CUNT CUNT CUNT.”

Geoffrey Rotherham Plastics

Strong stuff from Geoffrey but hard to argue with any of it

Jeremy Kyle quote: "look at you... in your shellsuit"

Others are not slow to weigh in.

The Guardian called his behaviour “saditic moralising”

Charlie Brooker described watching the show as worse than “eating a punnet of vomit and faeces”

Vice magazine called him a “Dickhead”

Carole Malone at the Sunday Mirror calls Kyle “arrogant, smug, vain and aggressive”, and says he “doesn’t care about his guests anywhere near as much as he cares about himself and his public profile”.[

Usually we like to give a balanced view on Cunto but we genuinely can’t think of anything nice to say about Jeremy Kyle.

I’ve racked my brains for a good two minutes and have come up blank.

If you have anything nice to say, some kind of counter-argument to this man’s cuntery, please fill us in via the comments below

What a cunt. So go ahead and vote for Jez using the stars. 5 stars = big cunto, 1 star = no cunto.

Rating: 4.4/5. From 44 votes.
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  1. He had a radio gig on talksport for a while and spent an hour mentioning he would be having Britain’s most successful businesswoman on. An hour later he introduced fucking Jordan…


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    1. Katie Price is far nicer than that cunt.

      Rating: 3.3/5. From 4 votes.
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  2. Should add Fcuking to the CUNTO
    The Fcuking CUNT is a total Bellend

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  3. His show did manage to keep a number of sub human chav cunts off the streets of Salford.

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