Top 3 Cuntos of the Week

Here’s the Top 3 Cuntos for the week

  1. Corden.
  2. May
  3. Hopkins


Corden is a blubbering mess, a disgrace to humanity and is causing more harm to Britain than all of our useless, stupid politicians together. He is the cunt’s cunt, the Everest of Cuntery. He is a challenge to us all.

May is plainly fucking it up. Leavers hate her, remainers hate her, European people hate her. She’d be more popular if she started beating up puppies for a living.

Hopkins. In the past I have been reluctant to name the arch-priestess of edge because it would be exactly what she wanted. But seeing her going broke for cash makes everything all right and butters the cookie of schadenfreude just nicely. Take that, cunt! *

*She WILL be back, but its enjoyable for now.

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