Rupert Murdoch kissing Jerry Hall

Rupert Murdoch

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Here’s another nomination of a classic cunt who, surprisingly, wasn’t already featured in the All Time Cunto Rankings. Anyway, he’s here now, so rank him,

Cunt: Rupert Murdoch

Title: Reptile Fascist Cunt

Nominated by: Rob Sketchy from Australia

In Cunto Deck?: Yes (2018 edition).

Cunto Cards 2018

Rob says:

“The Tories, Fox News, The latest Australian political bullshit, Trump. Oh and he’s having Mick Jagger’s slops…”

Rupert Murdoch kissing Jerry Hall
That’s not nice

Our Own Research

As Rob says, Murdoch is an experienced right-wing maximum hate-cunt but the weirdest thing of all is the Jerry Hall thing.

Hall is getting a little croaky, but she’s still ball-park hot. You know, for a granny.

She used to ride with rock stars so it’s quite a downwards bump to hitch her wagon to this old lizard. So why IS she with Murdoch? I guess this is the ultimate proof that money is an aphrodisiac.

The rest of the stuff is stuff you know about already: he helped Trump’s election program and oversaw an empire which happily phone-hacked the innocent.

The prosecution:

  • Nasty old fascist
  • Helped get Trump elected
  • Made football shite
  • Phone hacking

The defence:

  • Can’t think of one right now.

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Rating: 4.3/5. From 20 votes.
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  1. AW… that is my own dear cunty partner… Sketchy, calling it like it is.

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  2. I agree with my beloved Sketchy on this one…

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  3. You can’t think of a defence because there is no defence. Lizardy cunt of the highest order. Deserves a long and painful journey to suck Satan’s balls.

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