Alan Carr versus Adolf Hitler cunt battle

Alan Carr v Adolf Hitler

Who is the cunt out of this pair of utter weapons?
Alan Carr versus Adolf Hitler cunt battle
The unlistenable versus the unconscionable
Now, Adolf Hitler may have ordered the destruction of the Jews and been directly responsible for the deaths of millions in a war he created…
but at least he didn’t sound like a camp cat in a choir of cunts.
Bottom line: Who’s the Cunt?

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  1. Genuinely difficult. There’s the whole 6m people that he murdered, but at least Hitler isn’t on my TV ALL the time (except the History channel, but who the fuck watches that, or even goes past its channel listing?), and besides, he was a great orator, even if his message was a wee bit off.

    Carr on the other hand, may have killed people. We just don’t know. He’s surely directly responsible for some suicides though. I know I’d rather garotte myself than sit through one of his shitfest shows.

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