Ronaldo Is A Cunto

Cristiano Ronaldo

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A Cunto nomination has arrived for a World Cup cunt…

Name: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Title: Ronalcunto.

Nominated by: Adrian Watts

In Cunto Deck?: Not Yet

Adrian says:

Refuses to acknowledge he is a Cunto. Good at football and responsible for England losing at least twice”

Ronaldo Is A Cunto

Our Own Research

Cunto’s own investigation is customarily shallow.,Here’s what we found in a five-minute Google:

The prosecution:

  • Definitely arrogant. Everyone says so.
  • Keeps accepting best player in the world award. Never says “Oh dinnae bother, eh? It’s a team game and this award is ridiculous,” even though that’s what he could do.
  • Same vibe: didn’t bat an eyelid when they made a huge statue of him in Madeira.
  • Taps aff every single time. Look at my torso. Aye, OK.

The Defence:

  • Apparently Ronaldo avoids tattoos as this would bar him from giving blood and this is something he does regularly.
  • He’s a charitable cunt.According to some website or other Ronaldo was named in 2015 as the world’s most charitable sportsperson:he donated his €600,000 Champions League win bonus to good causes. One month later after winning the Euro Cup with Portugal, he donated his £275,000 Euro bonus to a Kids Cancer foundation.

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Rating: 4.3/5. From 18 votes.
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  1. Helllllllo? The winking incident at the 2006 World Cup


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  2. Any mention of the raping?

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