ant and dec are cunts

Ant & Dec

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We’ve had a Cunto nomination come in from Michael. Unusually, this one is a double-header.

Name: Ant & Dec

Title: Double Cuntos.

Nominated by: Micahel Crane from Lincoln

In Cunto Deck?: Not Yet

Michael says:

“A pair of talentless cunts that bore the shit out of people. They might be redeemed via PJ and Duncan but I don’t think it’s good enough.

So, Ant and Dec, get ready to tumble.”

ant and dec are cunts
Drunk and Dec


Most of our Cuntos are singles but Ant and Dec are, like the Holy Trinity, indivisible-yet-separate, unified-and-omnipotent, like a doulbe-headed God of British television. But are they Cuntos? Or are THEY (as one) a Cunto?

We look at the evidence:

The prosecution:

  • Always pished (well, one of them anyway)
  • Responsible for Susan Boyle
  • Presented every single light-entertainment show on UK television between 2004 and 2018. Give someone else a go, you greedy cunts.
  • Responsible for Saturday Night Takeaway. We’ve never seen it but it looks like a cuntfest.

The Defence Case:

  • They used to be kind of funny.
  • They are proper mates, like.
  • They are Geordies and, generally speaking, Geordies are all right.
  • ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’

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Rating: 2.7/5. From 15 votes.
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