Corden, Oliver, Veitch, Cunto

Weekly Top 3 Cuntos – Corden Unshiftable

James Corden has been commanding the Cuntosphere again this week with his blubbery, jovial, unfunny assault on the nation’s self-respect. Yes, merely by existing, Corden continues to rile up the people and cause international division and despair. A Cunto meme shared on Facebook this week confirmed his status with Corden ranking worse than uber-paedo Jimmy Savile.

Corden, Oliver, Veitch, Cunto
Dirty wankbags, the lot of them


Jamie Oliver’s latest attack on ordinary people (banning Tony The Tiger and Coco Monkey) can only buy him second place against the tsunami of fuckery that is Corden.

And newcomer James Veitch scrapes into third because we’ve seen his pre-roll video on youtube advertising just one time too many and it’s getting to the stage where violent thoughts stir.

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