Jeremy Paxman, being a snooty cunt

Language Expert Jeremy Paxman Prognosticates on the Cunto Plural Situation

Jeremy Paxman has dealt with more cunts than is reasonable for any man to be asked to deal with.

Nearly every “politician” or spokesperson who sat before his presence in the Newsnight Studio was some variety of a cunt: Brass cunt, Stupid cunt, Flagrant cunt, Fragrant cunt, Severe cunt and hundreds and hundreds of Tory cunts.

Paxo is therefore well placed to share his opinion on what to call a group of them.

Jeremy Paxman, being a snooty cunt
Jeremy Paxman, being a snooty cunt

Ahhh, you see: there he goes, letting his unconscious classist/racist Tory bias simmer up and over the wobbly pan-lid of equanimity and fair play. Fuck you, Paxman.

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