Top 3 Cunts of The Week

Here’s this week’s Top 3

First is James “Fanny” Corden and his continuing war on everything decent. Chubby Boi was inexplicably absent from last week’s top 3 so here he is, back in his rightful slot at the summit of Mount Cunt. Away and throw shite at yourself, Corden.

Cunts of the Week: James Corden, Fiona Bruce, JAmes Dyson

Number two cunt of the week is Fiona Bruce who could hardly be more Tory if she turned up to BBC Question Time wearing a blue rosette and carrying a taser with which to occasionally attack any members of the audience who reveal themselves to be in receipt of benefits.

Third cunt of the week is James Dyson who, after all his pro-Brexit chat, has moved the company to low-tax Singapore, a country which happens to have a free trade deal with the EU. is neither remain or leave, but that’s just cunty.

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Top 3 Cunts of The Week


  1. Megan Markle should always be in the top three.
    We here across the pond are so glad to be rid of that d-list celebrity and subpar actress.
    Enjoy your soon-to-be nappy-headed royal tots!

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    1. Racist cunt

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