Oliver Cromwell and his wedge

Oliver Cromwell And His Massive Wedge

This is nearly four-hundred year old news but Oliver Cromwell was a cunt.

Oliver Cromwell  and his wedge
Keep the change, cunt.

After the Civil War threw out the royals it was all about equality and humility, so even the Lord Protector, as Cromwell became, wore simple clothes and acted all Puritan.

However, when it came to salary the cunt wasn’t shy. Depending on the source you read he got £70k or £100k per annum.

This is not an inflation-adjusted figure – that was the actual money he got. This was back when fifty quid could buy Norwich. It depends what measure you use but I’ve seen at least one person online working this out as “around £100 million” in today’s money.

What a cunt.

And don’t forget, Cromwell also banned Christmas. If it was up to him, there would be no Slade. Double cunt points.

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