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Kevin Spacey

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A Cunto nomination has arrived for a member of the acting fraternity…

Name: Kevin Spacey

Title: Shady Cunt.

Nominated by: Gerry from Scotland

In Cunto Deck?: Not Yet

Gerry says:

“Great actor, but totally shady cunt. Inappropriate seduction attempts on a teenage Anthony Rapp, then to add insult to injury treats the public like a shower of cunts by trying to steer them away from his indiscretions by “confessing” he’s been living as a gay man for the last few years.

Unequivocally a total cunt-chops.”

Kevin Spacey Cunto
Ohhh, I didnae mean it!

Our Own Research

Cunto’s own investigation, as usual, is light and comes from one Wikipedia page. Here’s what we found:

The prosecution:

  • As soon as one sexual harassment claim broke, several others followed. Spacey was immediately dropped by everyone, including Netflix, Ridley Scott and his own agent.
  • A friend of proven Cunto, Bill Clinton.
  • Accused of making racial slurs.
  • Wikipedia says Spacey is well-known in Hollywood for his impressions, including Clint Eastwood, Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. To be honest, this sounds a bit shit. Doing impressions is a cunt move unless they’re totally brilliant. Which they aren’t, usually.

The Defence Case:

  • Was in ‘The Usual Suspects‘ and although we weren’t that thrilled, everyone else in the world seems to think this is a top film.
  • We saw that one about the financial crash. That was good as well.
  • Spacey he “can’t remember” the thing about Anthony Rapp.
  • Admittedly, a good actor.
  • To be fair, we haven’t seen his impressions. Maybe they’re great. Who knows?

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Rating: 3.9/5. From 22 votes.
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