Tory Prime Minister Tony Blair is a Cunt

Tony Blair

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Name: Tony Blair

Title: Tory Cunt

Nominated by: Mik from the UK*

In Cunto Deck?: Yes

Mik says:

“One of the most despicable fuck holes ever to walk the earth. surprising no one has shot this cunt in the face. I know I would”

Tory Prime Minister Tony Blair is a Cunt
Tory Prime Minister Tony Blair is a Cunt

Our Own Research

Here at, we are old enough to have lived through the Blair years. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The prosecution:

  • Tory Cunt Blair was at the front-end of the ‘New Labour‘ project in which Tories wore red ties and set about cunting Britain until it hurt.
  • The Iraq war. Totally needless.
  • Continued Thatcher’s work, turning Britain into a privatized nightmare for anyone without a strong set of means, all behind the guise of his shit-eating grin and a red rosette.
  • Once the cunting was complete, he handed it over to the one-eyed Scottish Cunt to cop the flak while Blairo fucked off to become some kind of ambassador for peace in the Middle East which is, at very best, ironic.

The Defence:

  • We’ve got nothing – if you have anything nice to say about Blair then please, please enlighten us in the comments below. The guy’s a cunt, simple.

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*Nice and specific there, Mik!


Rating: 4.6/5. From 30 votes.
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