Bonbo, Ricky Wilson and BMW Cunto

Weekly Top 3 – Bono Reclaims Supremacy

After several weeks James Corden dominatation, this week’s Top 3 Cuntos is missing the unfunny fat chancer. But Cunto fans will delighted to see one of the original leaders of the Cunto movement back on top: Yes it’s arch-twat and Cunto supreme, Bono from U2.

Bonbo, Ricky Wilson and BMW Cunto
Bono back on top

Bursting into the Top 3 is former musician Ricky Wilson who has “teamed up” with cricket oaf Freddie Flintoff to deliver the shittest ever World Cup song, a rehash of Boney M’s Rasputin in praise of Harry Kane. It’s the laziest World Cup song ever conceived, brutally delivered by two leaden ‘talents’ in an overall effort that makes ‘Back Home’ sound like George Gershwin.

Worse still, it’s just an advert for some online betting shitcunts.

Speaking of corporate pricks, our other Cunto this week is BMW who would have saved a guy’s life if they hadn’t been greedy, tight, miserable Cuntos.

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