Nominate A Cunto

The mission of is to expose, name and shame the Cuntos who run our world, ruin our world and make it all a shitshow.

Now, everyone’s a cunt sometimes but to be a true Cunto you’ve got to

a) Be a proper bad ‘un

b) Keep doing it again and again.

So to assign True Cunto status, we need to think about a candidate carefully. What crimes have they done? Are they sorry or not sorry? Do they have a face that we really just hate? (This can be enough in cases like Corden and Oliver).

It’s time to start building this list of bona fide Cuntos. By the time we get to the end of 2018, we should have an excellent resource that anyone with the internet can access. This service to humanity will be remembered for decades to come, so if you’ve got one to tell us about, get nominating. If your Cunto is confirmed, your name will be on the certificate.

Nominate A Cunto
e.g. "War Cunt", "Thirsty Cunt", "Jazz Cunt", etc
Tell us the reasons that your nomination is a proper Cunto and not just, for example, a bit of a wank. Not all Cuntos are accepted, so make your case as strongly as you can.
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