Top 3 Cunts of The Week

Flying 5000 miles to join in a climate protest takes some beating.

Even perennial nauseator James Cunty Corden can’t hold off that kind of charge from Thompson, jetting from L.A. to play hippy for the weekend in London.

So Congratulations Emma Thompson, you’re the Cunt of The Week.

Top 3 Cunts of the week 19th March 2019: Emma Thompson - James Corden - Simon Cowell
A proper Top 3 of Cuntery

To be honest, her films get on our tits as well. She plays the same thing every time – a posh bird who cares.

It is dull and fake and she underlines that actory quality when she makes sure she’s turned up to the Earth Protest in the correct costume:

Dunga Fucking Rees

Cowell is only there because he’s an serious undercurrent cunt: always ongoing, never outstanding but drip-feeding raw cuntery into the British psyche every day.

So, occasionally, he must be named.

Comment below if you disagree with this week’s choices.


  1. To be honest the 3 cunts of the week are all air-headed US congresscritters: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. Die-versity is not our strength.

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  2. I heard she was poor?If that’s true she is a cunt,she probably borrows money to fly,poor people are right cunts ,they are always complaining that they haven’t enough money for fags and chips,labour love poor cos poor vote labour so the labour party keep bringing more in…and carpet munchers and sissies and dr. who fans. and don’t forget to KNEEL for the blacks like Jeremy did,the first black he knelt to was Dianne abbot when he asked for her hand,she told him to fuck off until he was prime minister so he dumped her and went out with that fat cunt …Jo Brand ,shes got a face like a twisted pisspot !!!

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