Bono - Europe's Most Obvious Cunt

Bono Not Worst Cunt Shock

Everyone knows that Bono is Europe’s most obvious cunt. Or do they?

A poll currently raging on Twitter shows that Bono is LESS of a cunt than both Piers Morgan and Tony Blair. Scientists previously though it impossible for Bono to lose a cunt contest but with three hours to go, the unthinkable seems inevitable.

And, at the time of writing, Bono has slipped to 14th place on the Cunto Rank. It’s totally mental. Life is full of surprises. What’s for you won’t go by you. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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  1. Bono most definitely is a class A advanced cunt. He is a talentless fuckwit and he should fuck off back to Ireland and take his gob shite mouth back with him. Absolute cunt of cunts.

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