James Corden, being a cunt

Top 3 Weekly Cunts

It’s been a pretty lazy week here at Cunto HQ, which is why the weekly Top 3 is a day late. Here they are:

Cunts of the week


Top of the pile is James Corden. Every time I see his face its bad enough. But when he exposes all that Cordenflab, that’s only going to end up in the Top 3 Cuntos, not just of the week, but of all time.

This week saw the start of the Cunto.org youtube channel. First person to get it is, inevitably, Corden. See:

Let me know if there’s anyone else you want the channel to cover.

Number two on the list is the Boris. He said women wearing Burkas look like letterboxes, which they kind of do and, of course, he’s got the right to say it.

The cunty bit is doing it knowing exactly how polarising it will be and how many column inches it’ll get him. Look, we’re falling for it by listing him here. Ah Boris, you win, you mad cunt.

Third is Beyonce who writes and sings songs about female empowerment but then starts up a shitty clothes range where everything is made in Sri Lanka by virtual slave women on 64 cents an hour. What a cunt!

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