Uri Geller and Dappy Cunto battle

Uri Geller v Dappy

The nineteen seventies were so devoid of entertainment that Uri Geller became famous by doing a stupid trick with a spoon. Later on he claimed to be behind the force that made the ball move, in turn causing Gary McAllister to miss a penalty that would have put Scotland level against England in Euro 96. What a cock. Definitely a wanker. But is he the Cunto?

Uri Geller and Dappy Cunto battle
0/10 would smash

Dappy, meanwhile is a living meme. A sort of weasel-rake cross-breed with the key trait of acting hard, in spite of being as physically intimidating as a temporary traffic light. The Daily Mail ran an article saying that he’s a bit of a cunt, but that doesn’t prove anything. This one might come down to which one’s face annoys you more…

Who is the Cunto?

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