Wales, Corden, Oliver. Mega Cunts

Top 3 Cunts Of The Week

It’s a vintage week for monstrous male ultra-cunts from the South of England who, if you put them in a room together would merge into one awful roly-poly poor-hating self-loving shitball of cuntery and sound exactly the same as each other as the lines begin to blur, a bit like the scene at the end of Animal Farm where the other animals can’t tell the difference between the humans and the pigs.

Wales, Corden, Oliver. Mega Cunts
Three prize Cuntos. One accent.

Keep the rankings coming: our ultimate cunt ranking is beginning to take shape and as more Cuntos are added, will provide a central internet barometer of cuntiness.

You can rank Prince Harry here

You can rank James Corden here

You can rank Jamie Oliver here

By the way:

Both Oliver and Corden are available on Cunto Cards 2018 deck

Jamie Oliver in Cunto cards
Fat tongued wankbag

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