Who's the cunt?

Depp, Paxman, Nighy

I’ll not fuck about here and I’ll be straight up honest that we would nail Bill Nighy to the top of the Cunt Mast every day of the week.

Who's the cunt?
A dirty triple

It’s just one of those things that you can’t properly explain: visceral and deep like a hatred of a certain first name.

But seriously: why does he do that thing with the glasses?

Do a Google image search for ‘Bill Nighy Glasses’ and you’ll see how often he resorts to it when faced by a camera. What a cunt.

Meanwhile: Depp brings his dog to Australia, WILLY NILLY and Paxman has single-handedly supplanted intellectualism on television with shouty rudeness.

Tough call on this triple…

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