Jacob Rees Mogg Is A Cunt

A Poem About Jacob Rees Cunt

Poetry truly is the art of cunts but here’s a limerick anyway to commemorate the life and career of multi-millionaire-man-of-the-people, Jacob Rees Mogg.

There once was a Tory from Eton,
With a face like a shit Buster Keaton,
But this horrible toff ,
Ought to fuck off,
Now that the cunt has been beaten.

Toff Cunt Supremo, Jacob Rees-Mogg
Toff Cunt Supremo, Jacob Rees-Mogg


You can rank this posh cunt up or down at his main Cunto page and you can see the current all-time rankings here.

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  1. Told pregnant rape victims they shouldn’t get a termination.

    Uber cunt

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